Albert Pujols

by Brett from Granite Bay

Albert Pujols is one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. He has won multiple awards such as the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger Award, Most Valuable Player award, and the Rookie of the Year Award. But his most interesting trait is not his legendary performance on the baseball field, it is what he does outside the lines. In 2008, he received the Roberto Clemente award. This award is given to the person who does the most for their community. A hero is someone that puts others before himself and can never stop caring for his community and the world. He is not only a hero to me but to others.

Albert Pujols never had much of a chance to make it big. He was born in a town called Santo Domingo, capitol of the Dominican Republic. He became a baseball star at 16 when he was noticed for his skills. Although he is a huge baseball player, he never forgot about his roots. Albert Pujols annually goes back to his home town to give the residents new beds, food, and clothing. Some of the homes that he visits have beds that are made out of straw and cotton that are covered in bugs. Albert hosts a softball game for himself and some of the residents. Albert also runs a baseball clinic for all of the little children of the community who would like to learn a new hobby and maybe think about becoming a professional. Albert was one of these children when he was young; just a child with hope but who has nothing.

Before a game in Houston, Texas, a little boy, who was supposed to go to the baseball game, was diagnosed with brain cancer. This was very unfortunate for the little boy but it ended up to be a very memorable moment for the child. After the game, and a 3-0 loss for the Cardinals, Albert Pujols stopped by the hospital and gave the little child his autographed bat which he hit his 400th home run with a few nights before. He also stayed with the boy for an hour talking to him about the stuff the boy enjoyed. Although he has many things in life and he does many nice things for less fortunate people, he still thinks that faith and religion should come first. In his own opinion, life’s most important things are faith, family, and then others. Albert goes to church every Sunday and he is very out in the open that he is a Christian.

When Albert was only in high school, his girlfriend admitted to him that she had an autistic child. Without a hesitation Albert accepted the fact and did not think anything bad of the little child. Over the years, Albert has learned to love and care for the child. Albert’s adopted child, Isabella, has Down syndrome. In the Albert Pujols foundation, which he is the founder and chairman, he has the mission to help the children in the world who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. In fact, he holds a prom night for people who have Down syndrome every year. Usually, he gets asked to dance so many times, that he has sweat running down his face by the end of the night.

Overall, Albert Pujols is one of the most caring people that I have heard of. He is close to his community in many ways. He helps little children in need. Albert also puts faith and religion first. He is also good with children with down syndrome. What a hero!!

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