Albert Pujols

by Zach from Roseville

Albert Pujols ( ())
Albert Pujols ( ())

All baseball players strive to be the best they can be. What makes Albert Pujols different from others then? Not only does he want to be the best he can be at his sport, "but also the most loving husband and father, the best community leader, and a great teammate."  Some things that  Albert Pujols has done that have made him my hero are; donating to many Down Syndrome charities, and he also donates his own time to visit children's hospitals and help out there.

Albert Pujols is a famous baseball player who played on the St. Louis Cardinals almost all his career and has recently moved to the Los Angeles Angels. Albert Pujols was born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. When he turned sixteen in the early 1990s, his family emigrated to the U.S.  A few years later his family moved to Independence, Missouri.  Albert currently lives in Wildwood, Missouri. 

When Albert Pujols moved to the US, it gave him a chance to show his skills at the sport. When he moved to Independence, Missouri, he saw his first major league game. It was the Kansas City Royals against the California Angels. He attended Fort Osage High school. His first season with Fort Osage, his batting average was over .500 and he hit eleven home runs.  When Albert got married, he found out that his wife had a daughter with Down syndrome. Since then he has been donating to many charities for down syndrome and has even started his own foundation for Down syndrome. His foundation is called the Pujols Family Foundation.  His foundation has done many events and activities for Down syndrome and have been doing them since 2005.

Now the final question remains: how does Albert relate to my life and what I do? I first learned about Albert Pujols when I was watching my first baseball game on television with my dad. Baseball is my favorite sport, and since Albert Pujols is one of the top players in Major League Baseball, I have always tried to be like him, play like him, and hit like him. He has inspired and motivated me to become better at the sport that I love.  Albert Pujols fits my definition of a hero because he's not only a great baseball player, but he also cares for other things, such as his family, and helping people with Down syndrome.

I hope that after reading this essay you believe Albert Pujols to be somewhat of a hero in your heart too. Albert Pujols has done many things other than being a great baseball player, such as devoting his own time to visit kids' hospitals and spend time with them, and starting his own foundation for Down syndrome.  I know that Pujols will always be my hero, not only for sports, but for life.

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