Ashley Rhodes-Courter

by Breina from Maryland

      Ashley Rhodes-Courter is my hero.  Ashley Rhodes Courter once lived in a two bedroom trailer with sixteen other children, all of whom were beaten and starved.   Ashley was born in North Carolina in 1985. She was also adopted at age 12 by Phil & Gay Courter of Crystal River Florida.   She enjoys reading books to African kids and joining literacy projects.  Ashley donated books all around the world to help children learn to read.

     Ashley donates books to different Countries and States so little kids can get their education. She graduated with honors from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg in Florida.  Ashley completed a double major in Communications and Theatre with a Degree in Political Science and Psychology.

In   2007 she was chosen for the USA Today all USA Academic team.   Ashley also was one of the four Golden Brick Award Winners for Outstanding Advocacy by Do Something, and was named one of Glamour magazine's top ten college women.   Ashley hosted a TV show program called Explore Adoption which raised the public's awareness about foster children in need of learning.

At the age of 21 Ashley worked tirelessly toward changing the minds and hearts of people and many needy people. She wants every child to have the same opportunities.

To this day she is remembered throughout the world and will continue to try and write books.  Kids love her for what she does and people still buy her books such as "Three Little Words". She would not be where she is without a supportive community such as family and friends.

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Author Info

I'm currently a 6th grader at a middle school in Maryland. I think Ashley Rhodes-Courter is amazing! She is my hero!