Alex Rodriguez

by Logan from New York

In July 27, 1975 Alex Rodriguez was born in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, part of New York City. A-Rod is a hero because when he’s up to bat he always swings with all his might, and his dad taught him the “ins and outs” of the games.

Alex Rodriguez had a rough early life. He had two parents, Lourdes Navarro Rodriguez and Victor Rodriguez, who didn’t have a lot of money. He also had two siblings Suzy Rodriguez, who is four years older then him and his brother Joe Rodriguez, who is six years older then him.

When he was drafted with the 1st pick in the 1993 into the American, major league baseball he earned his nick name, A-Rod. Once, Ken Griffey Jr. said, “Alex is playful, enthusiastic, and cheerful. He’s fun to have around.” Derek Jeter also said "I'm Alex's biggest fan. I brag on him so much that my teammates are sick and tired of me talking about him. Last year we talked all the time, especially early in the season. We both knew if we didn't get off to a good start, we might be shipped out." When he was twenty-nine years old he was the youngest major leaguer to reach 400 hrs, and at the age of two he always had an interest in baseball because he always had a plastic red bat with Wiffle balls. One time Alex’s brother Joe Rodriguez said, “When Alex was little, all he wanted me to do was throw him Wiffle balls that he’d hit with a plastic bat. He had that drive from the beginning.” Alex Rodriguez’ favorite baseball players growing up were Keith Hernandez, Dale Murphy, and Cal Ripken. His favorite Team was always the New York Mets. When A-Rod was thirty-three, playing for the New York Yankees he had a .302 batting average and thirty-five home runs. He played for three different teams, the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and the New York Yankees. In 2008 he signed a $28,000,000 contract.

A-Rod had many challenges and problems. His parents were immigrants looking for work from because they were compulsory forced out of the Spanish-speaking island, the Dominican Republic. In New York City, A-Rod’s dad went to find work after their shop wasn’t doing good and he never came back. They got enough money to move back to the Dominican Republic. When he was at the Dominican Republic A-Rod was in a slump. A-Rod was trying to help a young man and he went to practice and when he came back the young man stole expensive suits, more then $100,000 in cash, and his All-star jersey with Cal Ripken’s signature on it.

A-Rod also Contributed $25,000 to the boys and girls club, put on baseball clinics to teach young kids the skills and importance of the game, and stared a charity foundation. He also donated $3.9 Million to University of Miami Athletics. Miami Resident's Gift for Baseball Stadium Renovations and Scholarship. A-Rod contributed his power, speed, and his tremendous glove. He had been seeing a therapist to resolve issues from his childhood. The most difficult problem he faced was his father abandoning the family when Alex was young. Alex wanted kids everywhere to know that even a sports star can use help sometimes.

A-Rod had many awards and recognitions. Derek Jeter said, “I’m A-Rods biggest fan. I brag so much that my teammates are sick and tired of me talking about him. Last year we talked all the time, especially early in the season. We both knew if we didn't get off to a good start, we might be shipped out."

When Alex Rodriguez was in college he won the Golden Spikes award, the Gatorade National Student-Athlete award, and on the year he was going into the draft he got thirty to forty phone calls from scouts and sports agents. He got so many call he’d have to call his sister Suzy to come home from college to help answer all the phone calls. In November 2002 A-Rod won the Golden Glove Award also, he won the MVP award in 2003 beating out Carlos Delgado. He also won the MVP Award in 2005 and 2007. He won the Silver Slugger Award in 2005 and 2007, Hank Aaron Award in 2007 and the American League home-run title.

Three traits Alex Rodriguez has is he’s always focused because he would work out at the gym to improve his stamina and become faster, he asked questions in school and did well, and most important when he became a star he didn’t get distracted from his game. Another one is he’s dedicated to whatever he does like he watches tape for hours and hours to fix his mistakes, and at the gym he hired a trainer to get in shape for the game. Last but not least he’s positive. When his team did bad he’d stay with them and try to get them out of depression.

Alex Rodriguez is my hero because when he’s up to bat he swings with all his might and he tries to make the world a better society for people living today.

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