Aaron Rodgers

by Connor from Eden Prairie

Aaron Rodgers back in the pocket. (I Got this pic off google)
Aaron Rodgers back in the pocket. (I Got this pic off google)

My hero is Aaron Rodgers. He is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He was born in California on December 2nd 1983. He used to play baseball when he was a kid. He played football at the University of California.

Aaron Rodgers was drafted by the Packers in the first round of the draft. His rookie year was in 2005. He sat for three years behind Brett Farve. Then in 2008 he got his first start with the Packers. The Packers are the only team that he has played for. In his third year of starting with the Packers he led his team to win seven games straight and led the team to win Super Bowl 45. They beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers holding the Super Bowl trophy (Google)
Aaron Rodgers holding the Super Bowl trophy (Google)

Fun Facts:
He was the MVP of Super Bowl 45. He was the first quarterback to throw over 4000 yards in two seasons. He has had nine three hundred yard passing games. He has had 1661 pass attempts. He was given the MVP award in college. He won the Insight Bowl and was named MVP of the game. He was in the Pro bowl. He has the lowest pass interception rate in the NFL. He is number twelve. He has a girlfriend. He Played in the 2009 Pro Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers is my hero because I have been a Packers fan all of my life. I also think he is a really good leader. I think he is the best player on the Packers offense. That is why Aaron Rodgers is my hero.

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