Alex Rodriguez

by Brendan from Poughkeepsie


My definition of a hero is someone that is an idol, or a role model. My hero plays the game fair, he’s honest and he has good sportsmanship. My hero is Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez is a great baseball player. He plays for the New York Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez is a great baseball player. He is the youngest player to hit 600 home runs. He plays the game the right way. He is honest, fair and plays by the rules. The one thing that I think is his best accomplishment is when he hit 500 home runs. He was the youngest player to hit 500 also.

He has worked very hard in his career, putting a lot of practice into what he does. The reason I picked Alex Rodriguez as my hero is because I love to play baseball and I hope I become a baseball player in the major leagues. He has been a Yankee player for a long time. He has been a big help to them since he started playing for them.

Alex Rodriguez always plays with good sportsmanship. He never is a sore loser. He does not get mad when he does not get a hit or he misses a play in the field. He plays with a good attitude every time he plays a game.

This is why I picked Alex Rodriguez as my hero. He will stay the nice player that he is today. He is one of the best baseball players in the game today.

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