Adam L. Sexton

by Adam L. Sexton from North Sioux City, South Dakota

Thats Adam L. Sexton #30
Thats Adam L. Sexton #30

Hello. I know this is supposed to be an essay of your hero or of someone else but to tell you the truth, i actually view myself as my hero. I mean if i wasn't who i was, i wouldn't be able to do half the things that i have done. I hate to say it, but my pushing myself is the most effective thing that keeps me going. I will list some of the things i did out of pure willpower and for myself so i would be happy!

My hero's name, my name, is Adam L. Sexton. I live in North Sioux City, South Dakota. I am eighteen years old and I have three younger brothers. I play football and run track. I got a scholarship for football to play in college and went to state the past two years in track. Sports is my life and that is where i push myself more than anything else in my life!

I have always pushed myself the hardest in those two sports. My freshman year in football i tore my MCL. All i wanted to do was get better and play so I pushed myself every day. It took me only half the time they told me it would to get better. It was because i pushed myself and my determination that allowed me to actually get back in the sport and finish the year off playing. From that moment on i have pushed myself to the limit time and time again to make a future for myself through football. I now have an almost full ride to Morningside college and i did it all mostly from pushing myself so hard!

The other sport that i push myself so hard in is track. I have went to state my sophomore year for pole vaulting. i didn't place but hey, i still got there. My junior year i went to state for the hundred meter dash and the hundred and ten meter high hurdles. I actually placed in both of them! I got eighth in the dash and seventh in the hurdles. Now i am actually pushing myself and trying to get better so i can get a gold medal in both of those events.

Like i said, i push myself the hardest and unlike most people i am always there when i need to be pushed. I'm not going to lie. Other people push me and give me reasons to do what i need to do. They have helped guide me like my coaches, parents, brothers and friends. In the end though I do it all to prove to myself that i'm something and to make me happy. My hero is me and i'm still pushing myself.

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