Amy Wharton

by Tyler from Pickerington

My definition of a hero is a person who inspires someone or saves someone's life and makes someone's life better.

I think it is important to have a hero because it gives your life meaning and someone to look up too.

My hero is my mom. She fits the definition perfectly. She is someone I look up to for pretty much everything. She inspires me too.

My hero is so amazing. She does everything for me. From the simplest things to the best things. She pushes me to do my schoolwork and to try hard at everything. She is inspiring and good at everything. She is nice and will do anything no matter if she gets anything in return or not.

What is your definition of a hero?
Someone who does a selfless act of kindness.

Have you read the Odyssey?
Yes,in junior high.

Who is your personal hero? Why?
John Glenn because he one of my earliest memories of a brave act for his country.

What is the most inspiring thing they have done for you?
Never stopped trying to make a positive difference in the world.
Is there a certain thing they did that truly made them a hero?
He was the first American to orbit the earth.  He didn't know if a human could survive that.

How long have you known your hero?
All my life.

Do you see your hero everyday?

How is your hero related to you? or are they?
He is not related to you.

Do you have another hero?
People all over the world who overcome great difficulty.

Do you think you are a hero to somebody?
Yes I do.

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