by Danielle from Fernandina Beach

The person I look up to the most is Aaliyah. She was a special person to people who knew her. From her family, to her friends, and also to dedicated fans like me. She touched lives everywhere, when she left us 4 years ago. And, I'm about to tell you why she was someone I consider my hero.

When Aaliyah first started out she was around my age. I really respected her as an artist because she made music that young fans like me could relate to. She was a very beautiful woman. And even though she was beaitiful she wasn't the type of person that'll try to get by on their looks. Because, she not only was an amazing artist, but she also pushed the envelope when she starred in the movies Romeo Must Die, and Queen of The Damned.

So to most people she knew she wasn't just a pretty face. She worked hard to get where she got. And even though she's no longer with us, her warm-hearted spirit still lives on in many. For these reasons she wasn't just any artist; she's also my role model.

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