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Aaliyah Haughton

by Kareisha from New Haven

R.I.P. Baby Girl. We'll always miss you.
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My ideal hero is someone who can make a difference in the world with their music, art, or even their personality. A hero can stand up for what they believe in regardless of the consequences. A hero can be someone you look up to. Heroes can range from Martin Luther King, Jr., to Juelz Santana. A hero depends on your point of view of life.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979. After five years of growing up in Brooklyn, New York, she moved to Detroit, Michigan. At the age of twelve, her singing career began to soar. Her uncle, Barry Hankerson, also R. Kelly's manager, helped her to become famous. On her third album, "Aaliyah", she starred in a music video for her single "Rock The Boat". After the video, Aaliyah and those she worked with were retiring home on a small plane. On August 25, 2001, the plane crashed leaving no survivors. Her family, friends, and fans were greatly saddened.

I chose Aaliyah as my hero because she was a breakout artist in the 1990's. She brought something new to the 'music table'. She was a young female artist who carried herself correctly. She was a role model to all young girls because she wore appropriate clothing, had an exceptional singing voice, and she was beautiful inside and out.

Aaliyah is not only my hero. She is also a hero to many young girls in America. Her death sent shockwaves throughout the female community. Presently, many music artists carry themselves disgracefully, write explicit lyrics, and have drinking or smoking problems. Aaliyah, however, delivered positive music and she did not corrupt her body with harmful things. If she was still alive, I know she would continue to shine her light on young girls today.

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