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by Maria from Commerce City

What is a hero? That´s a question kids ask when they are little. They start growing up admiring Superman, Spiderman, and Spongebob. Some people don't even have heroes. In my own words, a hero is someone that has courage and accomplishes their tasks without fail. Also someone that will do good things for other poeple even though they didn't have to. My hero is Aaliyah. She is an example of someone who accomplishes the things she has begun.

Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.At the age of 15 she started working for Blackground Enterprises.Her first album was called "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number." With her first song hit "Back and Forth" landing on number one from the top 100's.She became very famous. After some more gold songs that came out her single was remarkably great.

Aaliyah had her age hidden so the world would like her for her music and would't be baied by her age. Even though people criticized her about her age she continued on for what she believed and not for what she heard. Also the Entertainment Weekly accepted her even though they heard about it. They quoted "Imagine En Vogue packed into one teenage body and backed by hip-hop svengali R.Kelly and you have Aaliyah..... a promising start.."

The year 1996 she started to make another album called "One In A Million". That album proved that would make her mark on the ever-changing music changing industry by giving the strength and maturity inher voice. Another thing she had more than maturity was the hit-makers Missy/Timbaland to the best heights. On her next album again "One In A Million" they knew that the album was going to take the music industry by storm! Before the year ended in 1997 her single album went double platnium. As the years go by Aaliyah got more and more famous everywhere she went. In 1999 Teen People Magazine recognized her as one of the "21 Hottest Stars under 21." In the year 2001 on August 25 she passed away in a airplane crash.

The question has been answerd. Some people have heros and some don't. My hero is Aaliyah one of the best Hip-Hop artist in the world in my opinion. Even though I don't know her the things she did inspired me to do great things. As Aaliyah says "Keep working hard and you can get anything that u want. "These words inspire me to achive my goals for the future like believing in myself and give the best I have as she inspired other teenage girls.

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