by Isaac from Ridgeville

Aaliyah is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Where later she would work with an agent to audition for commercials and television programs. But when she was five years old, she moved to Detroit, Michigan. Where she was raised along with her older brother and attended a school of the arts.

Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. She was born of African American descent and Native American heritage from her grandmother. Aaliyah would be the second and younger child of her parents. Later she would pass away on August 25, 2001.

Aaliyah is my hero because she remained herself, in an industry that was constantly trying to change her. She stood out from the other female singers and had her own style. Her appearance made her important and made you take notice of her. Also, Aaliyah stayed true to herself in her image and her moral values. While most entertainers can't do the same because it's so hard and they get caught up in the lifestyle they're living. She just made it cool to be different from the rest of the pack.

I loved how Aaliyah carried herself. From her angelic voice, undeniable beauty and her crazy sexy cool style. I loved her dance moves and how she would sing her songs. I love the fact that she made her songs all in general. Like not just targeted at females, but at males too. I also loved how she just had that glow about herself and would stand out. I'm very different and trying to get in the entertainment industry. So she made me feel comfortable to be that way and myself.

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