Mohammed Bah Abba

by Zachary from Cedar Grove

Do you want to know what an extraordinary person is? An extraordinary person is a hero. A hero is an open-minded person, who gives up his time to help or care for others he doesn’t know. A hero can be an ordinary civilian. One great hero is an amazing inventor from Nigeria, Mohammed Bah Abba.

Mohammed was born in North Nigeria. Nigeria is a very poor country that has no refrigeration. Although Mohammed is a teacher, he invented a small refrigeration device. It is made with two earthenware pots, one big, one small. Between the two pots is moist sand. As the water evaporates, it carries heat away from the inner part where the food is. Foods last longer. Eggplants, which used to last only three days, now last twenty-seven days. Among all the inventions, this one helps the poor in Nigeria.

Mohammed’s helpful invention won him an $75,000 award. He is not keeping the money to himself. He is using it to make his invention available to the poor throughout Nigeria.

Mohammed has many good traits. He is open-minded, caring, and he is persistent. Mohammed thinks of others. He cares for people who are not wealthy. If he fails, he will try again to help the poor. He possesses heroic qualities.

In conclusion, a hero is an open-minded person. The inventor from Nigeria, Mohammed Bah Abba, created a small refrigeration device to help the poor people in his country. He is a hero. Anyone can be a hero just like Mohammed Bah Abba, if you have a dream and you put your mind to it.

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