Abbi (Quinola)

by Austin from Sulphur, Louisiana!

"Who cares what everybody else thinks?" Abbi O'Connor
Abbi! (This is her most recent school pic. (As of the time i wrote this))
Abbi! (This is her most recent school pic. (As of the time i wrote this))

According to my Encarta World English Dictionary, a hero is defined as a legendary man with superhuman powers, a remarkably brave person, or the principal boy character in a fictional story. Oh, I can’t forget that a hero is also a "long sandwich" or an "idol." However, is being an idol really enough to be a hero? Would you really still consider an idol like Vanessa Hudgens a hero? What about Jamie Lynn Spears? Daniel Radcliffe? Do you consider sandwiches as heroes?

When I hear the word "idol," I think of someone you can look up to. It should be a person who is unaffected by everyday unexpected and undesirable events. This is not to say a hero is perfect, though, because no one is perfect.

An amazing person, Andrew Freeman, said "The more we learn about someone that is regarded as a 'hero,' the more we realize that he or she is an ordinary person, not worthy of the extraordinary esteem they receive." I agree completely and, to me, a hero should be someone who is morally upright, achieves great things, and at least attempts to make the world a better place in which to live.

In the long-run, I feel that heroes should want to give of themselves completely, for the world, and do anything they can to benefit others. Although it’s a bit much and seems rather impossible, I’m sure that with enough perseverance, someone could pull it off.

Abbi and Nick. this is at a church party.. (that's cake.)
Abbi and Nick. this is at a church party.. (that's cake.)

Since I haven’t found one of those people yet, I’ve decided that I should settle on someone anyway. After long consideration and tough "beating-myself-up" thoughts, I have concluded that my hero is my sister, Abbi. Yes, Abbi! Not Abby, or Abbie, or Abbey! Abbi! Yikes!

Abbi has everything that she should and everything that God wants her to have: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Well, she has these qualities most of the time, anyway. She has been with me since I was born, obviously, for the simple fact that she is my older sister. I hope she will be with me when I die, too. Abbi’s sagacious attitude always puts a smile on peoples’ faces when they are around. She’s brilliant, eager to please, and always there when I need her.

As I mentioned above, nobody’s perfect. Therefore, Abbi is not perfect either, for the simple fact that she is indeed a "body." Her imperfections only add to the intensity of her greatness, though. Not that I’m being hypocritical, because I’m not. I will clearly say that Abbi "Quinola" (that’s an inside joke which just adds to how humorous she can be sometimes) is no more special than you. She is an ordinary person for whom I just simply have an admiration.

Abbi Quinola makes everyday mistakes just like you and me. Everyday! Who doesn’t? Even a long sandwich isn’t perfect (unless it’s a five... five dollar foot long! from Subway) and although I wouldn’t consider a slab of bread a hero, I know that Abbi is, and is actually a rather good one, and she is definitely my hero.

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