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Abraham Lincoln

by Kevin from Mexico

Consider, Decide, Do!
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Abraham Lincoln is my hero, because he abolished slavery more than a hundred years ago. He was a great man in life; he did many good things for people in low resources, and he didn’t classify them by social classes. If we talk about great men of the 19th century, he really takes the whole cake.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live his complete life span, because he was killed in a theater in Washington, D.C. He was enjoying a play, when suddenly a psychopath came and shot him in the head. There was no greater president in the USA; none has been able to beat Abe.

He will be remembered by many, including me, for all the promises he kept in his life. Abraham Lincoln, slavery abolisher, great man, a man who always kept his promises, is my hero for all the good things he did in life.

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