Abel G.

by Tomas from Buenos Aires

The hero I will talk about is someone who I will love and respect as long as I live. He is well known as a surgeon, expert in head and neck, and he is 52 years old. I am here because of him. He is my father, Abel.

His complete name is Abel Roberto and he is my father who has been a surgeon for years. He’s living with me here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Every time he has an operation to perform, he does everything he can and he mostly succeeds in his objective. Once on a Thursday, we found a girl in a very bad status leaning against a tree. My dad quickly looked for help and later on the girl recovered. That is one of the many things that make me proud of him.

That’s one of the things and there’s more. Every congress in which he explains different subjects on surgery, every person he saves, all the effort he puts into his work, every single good thing he does, makes me proud of him. His pieces of advice are of most importance to me and are very sensible, just as the person who says them. One thing he has always done is taught me to be a better person by looking at the bright side of life.

On the other hand in 2006 I read a book called “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry in which the main character, Annemarie Johansenn, becomes a heroine by saving her Jewish friend from the Nazis, as my father saves people from pain, and both are heroes to others near and far.

Finally, I can say that I love him and that I’m proud to call him dad. The part I most like is to spend time just the two of us like when we went to Neuquen. Some words can have infinite meanings and these are the words I’ll use, “I love him.”

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