Abner Doubleday

by Shane from Arizona

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Abner Doubleday

To me, a hero is someone you look up to, someone who achieves, someone who has an influence on your life, someone who has made a difference in your life, someone like Abner Doubleday, a Civil War General, and also the creator of baseball. He represents what hero really means to me.

Abner Doubleday was born on June 26, 1819. While growing up, he didn’t have an education, so his dad trained him to be a soldier, because his dad was a major general in the army during the Revolutionary War. Even though he did not have an education, he knew that if he wanted to be a general he had to have an education, so his dad sent him off to West Point Academy. Once he got out of West Point, he went straight to the army. He fought in the Civil War, Mexican-American War, and the Seminole War. He was the one who shot the defensive shot on Fort Sumter that started the Civil War!

It has been said that Abner was the creator of baseball. Nobody knows if it is a myth or if it’s true, but many people believe that he did. There is a lot of information, but not enough to verify that he did. He died at age 74, on January 26, 1893.

He is a hero to me because he helped our country win the Civil War, and because: what would our country do without baseball? Do you believe that he created baseball?

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