Abd EL-Latif Abo Heef

by Miro from Egypt

"the dream of everybody is to be on top and that's easy but my own dream was to stay on it."

Abdel Latif Abo Heef was a great swimmer, he won many championships and he was the best Egyptian hero ever. He stayed on the top for more than 20 years and till now he is still the biggest champion ever. I don't know much about him but what I do know is that he made my country Egypt very proud in front of all the other countries and that's why I've chosen Abo heef to write about.

We all know that Heef was a great champion but we don't what did he did to be that champion. Abo Heef trained very hard to be and keep on top and that's why he is the champion when Ishaq Helmy swam across the Mansh sea it was very difficult to do, but Abo Heef did it and swam across the Mansh sea which is a sea between France and England and he took the gold medal in the long swiming champion. Also he was called "champion of champions." and people welcomed him and named the street in front of his house with his name and named the nearest beach to his house also with his name.

In my opinion I think that everyone has a dream they can make come true if they work hard for it like Abo Heef. I want to be Just like him and that's what I'm working on, to make my country Egypt proud of me. If I can make that dream come true, then I'll be the happiest person in the world.

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