Abraham V.

by Maribel from Philadelphia

My hero is my best friend Abraham. Abraham and i met in Six Flags on our way to a roller coaster. The roller coaster that we went was for 2 people and all my friends that went with me didn't wanted to go with me because it looked too scary for them so Abraham was next in line so i asked him if he could go with me because i really wanted to go on the roller coaster. And he said "yeah sure" so we got on the roller coaster. And it was pretty scary and fun at the same time. After we got out of the roller coaster i asked him if he wanted to come with me and my friends. So he came with us we talked, laughed. And we both got on any rides together.

Abraham is my hero because he saved me from my misery. Every time i wasn't felling good or i was having a bad day. He would make everything Ok with just a smile. He was so good at making me feel good whenever i don't feel like talking. Every time he sees me being upset he would talk to me and smile at me or make jokes to make me happy. I would sometimes yell at him for asking me if I'm ok. I always wanted to have a best friend like him. He would make me feel like nobody can hurt me and that there was finally someone that cared for and loved me. I would feel so special around him and I'm so lucky to have a best friend like him.

We would sometimes fight for stupid things. And we would always forgive each other. We would say mean things to each other but deep down we knew we didn't meant it. Somethings we said to each other that were mean maybe we did mean what we said sometimes. But we would ask to forgive each other so we did. Whenever i feel good i would get on his nerves because i would ask him so many questions, and sometimes tell him what to do. But whenever i do that i do it for a reason. He doesn't seem to understand.

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