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Achilles was a great warrior. He is also a prince of the city of Phthia. Thetis, Achilles mother, wanted her son to be immortal so she dipped him in the waters of the Styx in the Underworld. He started to become immortal, but when he was in there, his heel was covered by his mother's hands. So his heel was the only part of his body that was not immortal. Achilles fought in the Trojan War against the large city of Troy.

Achilles was born 1250 B.C. Achilles lived in the city of Phthia as a young boy. His mother did not want him to go to war so she dressed him up as a girl and hid him among the princesses of a king. When a man came up to him with a cart with clothes and weapons, he took the weapons so the man knew he was a man not a woman. He makes a difference in my life because he inspires me to know it is the skill and honor of a warrior that brings glory and honor to yourself, your friends, and your family.

Achilles was born in Phthia, now a part of modern day Greece. He was killed in the Trojan War in Troy, now part of modern day Turkey. Achilles fought for honor to be written down in the books of Greece. The muscle in your heel is called the Achilles tendon because Achilles was killed by an arrow thrown through his heel. Achilles's mother did not want him to go to war because she foresaw him being killed in the war. Achilles was a great warrior and is still talked about in history today and was written down in the history books about mythological heroes.

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