by Jasmine from Michigan

Heroes are a wonderful thing to have in your life. To me the best reasons why it's good to have a hero is because they most probably will help you get through everything you have to go through, will be there for you in a times of need, and you will always have someone to look up to when you have a problem. These reasons I stated are for like family member heroes or ones that you have connections with in real life. Because if you have a superhero, movie actor, or animals anything like those; they can help you mentally for sure and maybe physically a little bit. I'm not saying that you have to have a real hero, because those kinds are just as good as family heroes.

Anyways my hero is my boyfriend almost husband. His name is Adalberto. I choose him for my hero because he has done a lot for me. He helped me in many different ways to succeed. My boyfriend moved up to Michigan to be with me, last year (2005). He was born in Edinburgh Texas. Has lived in Alamo Texas all of his life. Also he migrated to Michigan, that’s how we met. It was during the last school year when we met and during the next summer he came back to see me, and from then on we have been together. Ada is a really sweet guy once you get to know him!

The reason why I choose Adalberto to be my hero is because he has always been there for me ever since we got together. He helped me with things I didn't know and in things I needed just a little bit of guidance. I am very happy that we are together, and that I have a good hero to talk about, because I feel really lucky to have a man like this in my life. I won't change him for anything!!! We have been on our own it was hard, but I had to believe in Adalberto to make sure we would get through it safely. That kind of stuff is really hard if you don't have true love. You have to rely on each other to be there and to be helpful if you want a strong relationship.

My hero lives with me. We live in Hart Michigan with my mom. We have lived together for eight months. In that time was when I discovered that he was my hero because of how he acted and treated me. We lived in Minnesota for a couple of months, then we went to Texas for like about a month, then back to Minnesota for another month, and back to Michigan. We have only been back for a couple of weeks and I am glad to be back with my mom.

Adalberto is very important to be because of how treats me and how his love for me is. He has changed my life by making me much more happy. He has added a lot more fun to my life. Before I would just stay at home and not do too much, but since we have gotten together I have done a lot more then I have ever done.

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