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To me a hero is someone who helps people. Not just in the typical super hero way, but rather in an everyday way. For example, a volunteer at a soup kitchen can be a hero to someone in need of a meal. Also, a hero is someone who has courage. Being brave enough to do what others can't for what's right can make a hero. For instance, a soldier is a great example of a hero known for courage. In closing, a hero is someone who shows courage and helps people.

In my opinion it is good to have a hero. Firstly, a hero can help guide someone onto a good path by inspiring them. Secondly, having a role model is important and a hero is usually a good one. By having a person to look up to, you try your best to be a good person like them. Lastly, having a hero can keep you out of trouble. When you think of a hero you think of a good person, and if you strive to be like them you won't get into mischief. In conclusion, having a hero is important because they keep you out of trouble, inspire you, and make you follow in their footsteps.

The character Adam represents a hero in this novel. Adam helps Tessa live out her last few months alive as well as he can. One example of this was when Adam took Tessa out on his bike. A quote from page 112 says, "He told me to lean when we go round corners. He told me that since it was my first time he wouldn't go top speed. But that could mean anything. Even at half speed, we might take off. We might fly." This shows how Adam made Tessa feel more alive than she had in a long time. Another example is when Tessa falls in love with Adam. Tessa expressed to Adam one of her things from her list of things to do before she died was become famous. Adam took it upon himself to write Tessa all over the town. A quote from this from page 226 is, "The shops in High street still have their metal grilles down, blank-eyed and sleeping. My name is scrawled across them all. I'm outside Ajay's newsagent's. I'm on the expensive shutters of the health food store. I'm massive on Handie's furniture shop, King's Chicken joint and the Barbecue Cafe. I thread the pavement outside the bank and all the way to Mothercare. I've possessed the road and am a glistening circle at the roundabout. 'It's a miracle!' Mum whispers.'It's Adam.'" By doing that Adam made one of Tessa's dying wishes come true. Also, Adam stayed by Tessa for her last days of life, an example of this from page 317 is, "'Hey,' Adam says, 'you're awake.' He leans over and moistens my mouth with a sponge. He dabs my lips dry with a flannel and smears them with Vaseline." This shows how Adam took care of her and stayed by her even when he didn't have to. In conclusion, Adam represents a hero because he cared for Tessa in her time of need, helped with her dying wish, and made her feel alive.

Adam should be inducted into a Hero Hall of Fame because he truly was a hero to someone who really needed one. Tessa had cancer for 4 years before she passed away. In the last months of her life she met Adam. Tessa had a list of things she wanted to do before she died. Adam helped her obtain some of them of these things and her most important one, to fall in love. Adam and Tessa dated and he stayed by her side until her last days of life. He made her live her life to the fullest so she could die without regrets. If I were in Tessa's position I would want someone like Adam with me to help and support me in my hardest days. Cancer is a scary thing to go through and Adam made sure Tessa had a friend by her side. In conclusion, Adam should be inducted into a Hero Hall of Fame because he helped someone die without regrets and was by their side until the end.

Q&A with Adam:
1. Q:Why'd you stay with Tessa even when you knew she was going to die?
A:I love Tessa and the fact that she was dying didn't change that. If I was in her situation I wouldn't want people leaving my life because of that either.
2. Q:Who is your hero?
A:My hero is my mom because she raised me and kept going after my dad died.
3. Q:Is it important to have a hero?
A:I think everyone needs to have a hero and should also try to be a hero for someone else. Without my mom being strong I might not be who I am today.
4. Q:Why do you think you're a hero?
A: I think I'm considered a hero because I helped Tessa when she needed somebody.
5. Q:What's your definition of hero?
A:A hero is someone who is there for someone in a time of need.
6. Q:Who else was a hero in Tessa's life?
A:Tessa's father and close friend Zoey were also heroes for her.
Tessa's father quit his job and put all his efforts into trying to save her life. Zoey always put a smile on her face when she needed it most.
7. Q:What's your favorite hobbies?
A:I enjoy gardening and riding my bike.
8. Q:Do you think Zoey will make a good mother to her child?
A: I think now that Zoey has matured and had Tessa's support she will be a great mother.
9. Q:Do you plan on moving out from your mothers?
A: Yes,I want to go onto college soon.
10. Q:What impact has Tessa and her death made on your life?
A: I've learned to live life to the fullest because you never know when it'll be over.

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