by Kaitlyn Lopez from Pickerington

My Definition of a Hero

A hero is anyone who makes an impact on someone's life. It does not matter how much of an impression that they make, but that they have helped you in some way. A hero is anyone that you can look up to and be inspired by.

Is it important to have a hero?

I believe it is very important to have a hero in your life for several reasons. First, you have a role model for yourself. You have someone to look up to and model your behavior after. Also, your hero inspires you to be a better person than you are today.

Literary Hero

Adam is the hero in "Before I Die". He helps Tessa though her struggles while being sick. He stays with her all the time. He is always by Tessa's side during her last days. Tessa's dad suggests that he should catch up on sleep or watch T.V. but Adam replies, "I said I wouldn't leave her" (Downham 315).

Adam is supportive of Tessa. When she is in the hospital, at her worst, Tessa says, "Not quite how you remembered me, eh?" Adam replies, "You're gorgeous."

Adam also aids his depressed mother after his father died. He helps her start a garden to get her mind off things. When Adam comes back with his mother after shopping for plants, he tells Tessa, "She bought half the garden centre. It cost a fortune, but she was really into it. She wants to start an herb garden" (Downham 251).

Hero Hall of Fame

There are several reasons why Adam should be inducted to the hero hall of fame. First, Adam is very heroic to Tessa and his mother. He never leaves Tessa side on her worst days. He also helps his hurting mother after the loss of his father. Adam is very dedicated to the ones he loves. Finally, Adam would do anything in the world for them.


Q: Why do you help your mother at home and not go to college?

A: She is very depressed after my father died and I just want to help her get back on her feet.

Q: Why do you stay with Tessa all the time, even though her father said you should take a rest and relax a little?

A: I love her. She needs me and I said I would stay with her. I don't break promises.

Q: How did you feel when Tessa died?

A: I was devastated. I still can't sleep and wonder why she had to go.

Q: Are you still going to collage after she died or are you going to stay home with your mother?

A: I've decided to go to college. It was the right thing to do. I've helped my mom and I need to start a new life.

Q: Who inspires you to keep going after all that happened and why?

A: My mom and Tessa. My mom will always be there for me. I know that Tessa watches over me everyday.

Q: Are you still going to spend time with Tessa's family?

A: Definitely. Whenever I get a chance to come home, I will stop by to see them. Plus, Cal said he has new magic tricks to show me.

Q: Do you look at life differently after all you have been through?

A: Yes, I do. You have to live each day to the fullest, you never know when it will be your last.

Q: Do you believe that you and Tessa lived each day to the fullest?

A: We had lots of fun together and I just wanted her to be happy. I helped as much as I could when she was sick.

Q: Do you believe that you have become a better person after helping with your mother and Tessa?

A: Yes, I do. I feel like they have helped me realize the little moments in life are important.

Q: Do you feel as if you have changed after Tessa died?

A: I know that I have. You need to take each second you have with the ones you love and cherish each second with them.

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Downham, Jenny. Before I Die. New York: David Fickling Books, 2009.