by Derek from Union

The definition of hero is a man of distinguished courage or nobility, admired by brave deeds and noble qualities. My hero is my brother Adam. I would consider him my hero because he is somebody who I look up to and respect. Someone who I admire. I admire my brother so much because he is his own person never doing things because of what other people think. My brother and I have faced many things together, good and bad. But there is nobody that I look up to more than him. In this essay I plan to share with you some of the things that makes my brother that special hero in my life.

One of the reasons that my brother is my biggest hero is, he is somebody I can rely on, no matter what it is, even if I'm in trouble he is always the first person I think about. I'm always asking myself what would Adam do in this situation. There isn't a second of the day (besides school) that I don't think of hanging out with my brother or what he is doing. When we were little I could always count on coming home from elementary school and playing some ball with my brother, and him beating me all the time. He always was and still is a lot taller, quicker, and in better shape than I am. But he would always take the time to help me with my game and build me up to be a better player.

Reason number two that my brother is my biggest hero is because of his knowledge and desire of electronics. Computers, hard drives, and any other type of electronic device or gadget fascinated him to no end. My brother works at Circuit City and within the year that he has worked there he has been made supervisor of the firedog department, which means you can take your computer in there and he is in charge of getting him or another employee to fix it. My brother is what I would call somewhat of a nerd, he is always spending the time that he has away from work playing video games or on the computer. We are pretty opposite when it comes to the things we like. He likes electronics, i like hunting and getting very dirty. Those things don't really match up but i guess that's why i look up to him so much because no matter what he does he is always supporting me.

Another reason that i love my brother so much is because his strength and will to carry on, no matter what. See about five months ago my brother was diagnosed with M.D. which is muscular dystrophy. This disease will basically over time eat away at my brother's muscles until he basically has little to none left. Lately he has been having trouble getting in and out of his car or getting up. He also struggles when playing any type of sports. Despite this he always keeps his head held high and is always strong about it. Over the last few months I have gotten to see a different side to Adam, one of love and compassion, and it makes me proud to tell people that he is my brother. Although the surgery and the tests that he has to do he is always living his life to the fullest. Adam lives his life one day at a time, and that is really starting to teach me to not worry about the past or future but to live in the here and know, not worrying about what lies around the next corner of my life.

Adam is not only my brother but my best friend and i hope that my essay has been a good description of why i think my brother is a hero. Because a hero isn't somebody who flies or wears a cape. A hero is somebody who changes lives with there everyday actions. My brother is one of these people to me because I see him changing lives all the time, including mine. I love my brother very much and I am very sure he loves me too. I thank you for taking the time to read my essay and I hope you have been able to understand my writing and can use it in the future to maybe help others who are in some of the struggles that my brother faces everyday.

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