Adela, My Mother

by Ana from Drochia

(I love you*-*)
(I love you*-*)

    A hero is someone who is always with you, protects you, helps you and cares for you and who would die for you.

     My hero is my mom. She is my guardian angel. Her name is Adela, she has  45 years and she is a teacher of primary classes. Mom loves children very much and spends time very well with them.

    Mother is a sacred and unique being who sacrificed his body in order to give me the most precious gift - LIFE. Since the day I was born and until now, she was next to me, giving me all her love.

   Mother gave up her dreams and desires for children, that they have everything they want. Mother is a true HERO who makes everything possible for her family to live in harmony and love and children have a bright future too.  
       Mother can replace dozens of people, but nobody can replace mom. She was, is and will always be my hero.


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