by Ania from W St. Paul

My mother is my hero; she is the most influential person in my life. She is not perfect, and I am not saying she is the best person in the world, but she is my mother and I love her deeply. What is a hero, is something I need to ask myself before writing this essay, and to me a hero is someone you can look up to. A person who will support the things you do and not judge you. Guide you through your triumphs and tribulations and give you that extra courage to tell you to keep your head up high and look at the brighter sides of things in life that don't make it so easy. To me that is my mother.

Being a single mother is not easy, although I believe my mother did the best she could for me. She always tried to give me the stuff I wanted and I never longed for the items I needed. My mother worked two jobs in order to support me and my siblings. I can imagine it was not easy for her to not be able to spend time with her children.

My mother is so important to me because without her I would not be where I am today. My mother has supported me through everything and I really appreciate her for all that she has done. Being a mom, I now understand more why my mother did the things she did, and when I thought she was being unfair, it was all in the best interest for me. Sometimes when I say things to my son or my sister, I imagine my mother saying the same things.

My mother has impacted my life so much; without her I would have given up on so many things. I remember when I wanted to play the violin and she bought me a violin, I gave up in about three months and she never became angry. Another thing I don't think I would have been able to get through without her was when I got pregnant the summer before my senior year. Still, she stood by my side through everything. I think she would have even went to every doctor appointment with me if I asked her to.

Now that I look at things I thought my mother was such a bad person and I never really appreciated everything she did for me. I never wanted to be anything like her, and now I see I am my mother's daughter. Now that I think about it, being like her isn't so bad. Really, I like that I carry her traits and I hope that I can only be as good of a mother to my son and hopefully even better. My mother is one the greatest woman in this world and that's why she is MY HERO.

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My hero is my mother, the most influential person in my life.