by Elaine from Chicago

My grandmother, Adell Campbell is my hero because of her independence,

My Grandmother is independent because she doesn’t depend on anyone to do anything for her, she wouldn’t even allow them to help because she knows how people are when others do something for someone. That’s why she does it herself. Also, she stays on task no matter how long it’s gone take, how big it is, or how short it is. She gets right to the task and doesn’t rely on anyone to help. I love that about her independent ways.

My Grandmother is hardworking because she always has confidence in her work. She is intellectually competent about working. Also she takes responsibility and cherishes in her work she uses it to her ability. My Grandmother always keeps trying when she fails at something. She works till she gets tired. My Grandmother has good, great, energized, and positive energy.

My Grandmother is a caring person. She takes care of others outside the family and community. She helps out anyway she can. If you don’t have anyone to come to, you can come to my grandmother. Also if you don’t have anywhere to go, my grandmother will find you somewhere to go and do. You can trust her. She’s a reliable and loving woman. My grandmother Adell has a good heart.

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