by Denissa from SMA Negeri 5 Bandung

I have two younger sisters, but I just want to tell you about one of my sisters. Her name is Adinda, she is one year younger than me. We’re both quite close.

She is a quite sensitive person, so she easily gets mad. That’s why I call her “tiger” and sometimes, I call her “the mother of tiger”. Actually, not only me who calls her that. My mom, my dad and another sister also calls her that. When she is called so, she will be really upset. My favorite thing is bothering her until she gets mad.

My sister likes to keep her room neat and tidy. Because of that, I like to stay in her room. But it doesn’t mean she never visits me in my room. When we’re both together, no matter where we are, in my or her room, or anywhere else, we always talk about everything. She is also more mature than me, whereas in fact, I’m the oldest sister. One thing that I won’t forget, is when she called me at 10 pm just for chatting about her friends!! At that time, Adinda and I lived in separated islands. She lived with my parents in Papua island, while I lived with my grandparents in Java island, Bandung. Now, we live in the same house in Bandung. What I hate most about her is that she is taller than me!

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