by Graciela from Lawndale

<>This is one of my dad's favorite soccer team</a>
This is one of my dad's favorite soccer team

“If you want better, you have to work harder, because sometimes life can get tough.” That is what my daddy always says. My dad is my hero. His name is Adolfo, he is 39 years old. He is the one whom I look up to. He has inspired me to become a better person. One of the things he has told me is to take life as it comes. My dad is such a great person that he inspires me, and that is also why I look up to him.

My dad has accomplished so much, and there is still more to come. I am so proud of what he has done. For instance, ever since I was born my dad started working at this bakery. My dad’s passion has always been learning new ways of baking. He has worked in that company for 13 years. My dad has told me that when he recently started working there, the company had lots of orders from stores such as Food For Less, Stater Brothers, Romero’s Company, Saigon Market (Chinese store), and Sam’s Club. Since there were changes of bosses, some were cheap, and they decided to take out some ingredients, and the bread wasn’t the same anymore. Due to that, some of the stores started taking away their orders, soon there were hardly any orders left. They were only giving him 4hrs/3 days a week. It wasn’t convenient for him because it was all the way to El Monte. He doesn’t work there anymore; he decided to take a long vacation from work.

My dad decided to take a long break from baking. He is now working at this place called Hibachi, which is located in Hermosa Beach. To his surprise he actually enjoys cooking. He wanted to do something that was relatively close to baking. My dad lives in Lawndale, California. My family and I enjoy having my dad around. When he took his long vacation from work he always was at home making us laugh. Now that he is working, I often get bored because my dad and I are the goofy ones in the family. For example there was this time I decided to scare my dad, so I got this Halloween mask, and as he was opening the door, I hid, and I had set this camera (it was hidden), and I jumped out and scared him. It was so funny seeing the reaction in his face. He then got me back, as I was going to get my backpack at night in the backyard, he had put on the same Halloween mask as I did, he had sneaked up behind me and scared me half to death. To me my dad is the one who brings joy to our family; he puts a smile on our faces and makes everyone laugh.

My dad’s perspective point of view of life is to live life to the fullest, because we can never get the chance to live life again. He always mentions to me, never regret anything you’ve done because everything happens for a reason. One fun time I remember spending time with him is when he took me to Disneyland. When I was little he used to call me his little princess, because I myself thought I was a princess. I will always remember that day. He bought me this sweater, which had a picture of all the Disney princesses. He took me to all the rides in which I wanted to go, he also bought me this autograph book, in which all the Disney characters could autograph it. I unfortunately lost that book, because I was 5 years old and I wasn’t responsible. I still to this day have the sweater. I will forever treasure that day with my dad in Disneyland; it will always be in my heart.

My dad is so important to me because for one I look up to him, and this brings me back to a poem I wrote in which I had to describe every family member. I wrote this “My daddy is the hard drive because he is the one who keeps the family together.” One reason why my dad is so important to me is because I know he will always be there when I need to talk to him. He will always love me no matter what. In the movie “Grease”, someone said “your daddy is the only one who will always care for his little girl,” and I find that to be true, especially me because I am his only girl. I love my daddy to death, and I know he will always love me unconditionally.

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