Adrian Antonio Muro

by Evelyn from Lawndale

The love of my life is one year old. He's cute, funny, and does the strangest things. Queer, how life's fondest moments come from the smallest and most innocent babies. Adrian is my nephew, but I see him more as my little brother. I look forward in seeing him succeed in life, but right now he is just lighting my way through life with a simple smile.

A baby's smile is something that makes every other person stop and smile back, or even admire for a small moment. Adrian's smile and even laughter affects me in a whole different way. It's not the kind of feeling that makes you say "How cute!" But the kind of smile that states, "Hang in there, you'll get through this, it's life!" His smile isn't a smile at all it's more of a sign of hope. The sign is so strong it makes you feel as if there is at least one person that cares for you in life and knows your intentions are nothing but right.


Where my nephew lives is a convenience. His home is located on the bottom floor of my house. This is a great opportunity to be able to see him whenever I'd like. A one-year-old boy could never hold down a job, unless of course he was a baby model. In my perspective Adrian has an even more important profession. He is my counselor, my advisor, and my encouragement.

I am not sure what Adrian thinks of life. The way I think he lives his life is by one rule, "Have fun, laugh now, cry later." As a child he is most likely learning by what he sees, and more than anything experimenting with his surroundings. His perspective of life is as someone who is not expected to do much. So he must have some kind of purpose. But, what does he mean to say or do by how he lives his life?

I love my "Hero" for many reasons. Even though he is my family I don't think that is why I love him. I guess it is because this adorable child is always there when he is needed most. Also, because he doesn't heal troubles with words, he solves them with actions. Those actions are probably some that really wouldn't mean anything anywhere else, but here and to me.

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