Adriana and Carl

by Valentina from Buenos Aires

My every day heroes are my parents. My mother and my father gave me life and everything they could. They are always there when I need them. I am 11 years old, my name is Valentina. My parents are a year of difference from age. My mother's name is Adriana and my father's Carl.

My mother was born in Brazil and lived there for 4 years then she traveled to many other places because my grandfather liked to travel and he was also an Ambassador. She lives in Argentina now. She is very adventurous such as brave and careful for her things and for others. She has green eyes, she is tall, slim, she has a well built body, she has a long slim face, a thin mouth and medium size lips, she has dark brown long hair, she wears two little diamond earrings and she dresses up well, depending on the occasion, she wears formal or casual clothes. Taking into consideration everything she has undergone, she is happy of life and has fun with her friends like mad.

My dad was born here in Argentina. He was sent to a boarding school, St. Paul’s, in the province of Cordoba. After that he came to St Andrews Scot’s School. He was very lazy. He is very adventurous, he likes flying helicopters and planes, and that’s not the only things he does, he also enjoys driving a carriage pulled by a horse.

I can compare my mother with Mother Theresa because she helps others and likes to give things to the poor, and my father is like Justin, one of the characters of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. He is adventurous like him and a leader for me.

I like my parents a lot. They think of me all the time, they are my every day heroes. They are always there when I need them.

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