Adriana Weathersby

by Devin from Mission Veijo

"Hope is only given by those who are positive" Adriana Weathersby

Adriana Weathersby is my mom and I asked her why she was going to school in 2004. She had said she was going to be a nurse and helping people had always been an interest of mine because there is something great about helping people in need. The idea of providing treatment was a great idea for me at the time. My mom has always been positive in any situation what makes her stand out though is her troubled past of when she was abused by her father. She had told me that she had made a vow to not be like her dad and to be better than him when she decided to have kids.

The nursing field requires at least an associate's degree and training prior to the actual contract job. Other courses that are needed are Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Speech. When you get your nursing degree the fields of nursing open up (with training) you can apply for. My mom will become a registered nurse with Kaiser and her year pay is $65,470 per year (provided by occupational career handbook). Other careers that are related are doctors, assistant nurses and etc. Recent developments in the nurse field are improved training requiring less time to nurses in the program but take on additional work loads.

My hero was very submissive in her youth because of her dad treating her but for the most part was very happy around friends (so I'm told) and was very patient. She had always liked school but her father said she was dumb and stupid she never gave up until the switch came out and violent rants. After she was on her own she decided to go to college and then work for a cell phone company now known as At@t. She then met a guy in a parking lot who asked her where she worked. My mom then said the store over then they married on July 21 1999. Then applied for nursing in 2004 but was delayed of an injury to the leg then tried to apply in 2009 but suffered a heart attack but then finally in 2012 applied and was accepted into nursing.

Being a nurse she helps injured patients/ sick patients. She is a positive role model amongst young kids and inspires many of her peers. She went through tough times and many around her have too. She can ease the pain with those that could never let go of the pain and can genuinely sympathize knowing the pain herself.

I wish to continue my science and math courses. I want to do statistics and anatomy. I wish to participate in AP courses in math and science. I wish to continue to be in band only for it to show commitment on my transcript. My college goals are to get a master's degree and hopefully get accepted into Stanford U.C. I want to major in law and nursing. My hero never got a law degree but the commitment is there. My hero went to Saddleback and Santa Ana college to train to apply as a registered nurse. I want to be as positive as my hero and to be as tough. To lead by example and philosophy when every word and action counts. My hero Adriana Weathersby.

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