by Paulina from Lawndale

"Don't let people get you down."
My hero (google)
My hero (google)

A hero to me is someone who gives me good advice, someone I can trust and have fun with. All I was looking for was in my older sister Adriana my hero. My hero is a really sensitive person who can get hurt emotionally easily. Although she can get hurt, she’s the most caring sister of all. What I love about her is that she isn’t judgmental and keeps bad comments to herself. Adriana is one of the few who I can trust and get advice from. Therefore I will illustrate why my sister is my hero.

My hero is as short as a 12 year old. Adriana is as smart as a sophomore CAMS student. She’s also fragile like a glass cup from Mexico. Beyond that she’s caring like my mom, worries about me and helps me out. A lot of her peers look up to her for advice. It may appear that some people don’t respect her but she doesn’t let them get her down. Although she is short, smart, fragile, annoying and caring she’s still my hero.

Adriana was born in Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco, but raised in Lennox California. Being born in Mexico isn’t easy especially when your dad is in California. Lennox is a dangerous city but that’s where we grew up and attended Jefferson Elementary school. When she went to a “flyer party” with her friends. They were having so much fun they thought nothing can go wrong. To this end they would’ve never expected her friend to get stabbed in the right kidney. Therefore she learned her lesson of going to those kind of parties. Since that happened she taught me how not to go to those kind of parties because you’ll never know if I’ll ever come back home alive.

I admire my hero because she isn’t judgmental and tries to stay away from drama. Most of all I love the way my hero keeps all my secrets and gives me advice about life. She is a very energetic type of girl she loves to dance and hang out with her friends. Her style is nothing fancy; it’s normal but pretty. Mostly every Friday she goes out and has fun. My hero won’t start gossip she’ll just prevent it. Adriana is a normal type of girl who goes to school and goes out on weekends.

Adriana's favorite color and she loves to dance. (google)
Adriana's favorite color and she loves to dance. (google)

Finally, my hero is important to me because all her traits make me trust her. Since she is my hero I see her more like a best friend. It’s nice to have a sister you can trust and know she won’t judge others or me. She has changed my life by teaching me how not to judge people and not letting them get me down. We are similar because were both sensitive and smart. My hero and me trust each other and know everything about each other even though we get in arguments. Who would’ve known my older sister Adriana was my hero all along.

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