Agatha Christie

by Jim

You know a hero isn’t someone who broke a record in a sport or something; a hero is someone who is ready to put his or her lives at stake to save another’s life. Well, my hero is Agatha Christie, and she is more of a heroine than anyone I know, because she gave more women the determination to write books than anyone. She made a big place for women in a man’s world of literature even though it was not common for women to write books because they did not have as many rights as the men did back then.

Agatha Christie was born in a wonderful home on September 15 1890,in Torquay, England. Her parents were Clara Miller and Fredrick Miller, and she had a sister Madge and a brother Monty. Agatha described her father as a very agreeable man, as he was very popular throughout the community. Agatha described her mother as very positive, because she believed her children could do anything they set their minds to. Her Mother made her living as a writer and loved mysteries about life and death. Agatha was at a party when she met Archibald Christie, and they got married in 1915.They had one daughter Rosalind. Before the Christies got divorced they had a great time together. For example they went to the beaches together and went on trips to far away places. Unfortunately the marriage did not last the Christies got divorced. Agatha was at an archaeological dig when she met archaeologist Max Mallowan, who then agreed to be her second husband in 1930.

Agatha faced many obstacles in becoming a writer. She wrote under a pseudonym or a false name because back then, the men basically wrote the books, so she figured if she wrote under a man’s name she would have a better chance of having her books published. Then both of her parents died, forcing her to leave her childhood home “Ashfield” because she couldn’t afford it. Then she suffered a terrible flu at the age of 17 and almost died. In December of 1926 she disappeared for several week perhaps due to marriage problems and the loss of her mom and dad. Even Scotland Yard was searching for her. When she finally reappeared, she never told anyone why she vanished in the first place.

Agatha had three main character traits as a writer. First, she was very determined when she was writing her mysteries as she kept trying to come up with new one’s even though her work was rejected at first. Second, she was extremely shy when reporters and she were interviewing her had difficulties with her growing fame, so she often refused interviews .She enjoyed her privacy. Third Agatha was very smart when she was little because she started reading at age 5 which normal for kids back then. gatha was very intelligent for have writing so many books and having them published. Agatha made many contributions during her lifetime. She made a space for women in a man’s world of literature. Agatha wrote 146 short stories and 67 novels, and 16 plays. More than seven of her books were made into movies for example Murder on the Orient Express. Three of her books that are still very popular are Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient express, and Mousetrap. She used her imagination to invent two famous character s Mrs. Jane Marple, and Hercule Poirot

Agatha’s life ended on January 12 1976 at the age of 86 and the world wept at the passing of a great woman. Now you know why Agatha Christie is more of a heroine than anyone I know because of what she did and how she did it even though facing many obstacles in her life she still somehow pulled through.

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