by Brandon from Lexington

Every day I remember when Aggie saved my life.

I was walking home from school. Just then 3 guys pulled up in a black truck. When they pulled up, I asked if I could help them but, instead they grabbed me and hit me. They tried putting me in the truck but my dog probably heard me scream so she ran outside and tried to fight these men. The guy who was holding me dropped me and tried to run and when he dropped me it cracked my head open. Aggie sniffed the blood and started whining and chased the guy and bit his leg so hard she pulled it out of place. She came back and chased the other guys up the street. So I tried climbing out of the bag and I finally got out and limped home and got the phone and called 911. After that I got a baseball bat and ran outside. Then I saw Aggie still chasing the 2 men for about 3 minutes but I saw Aggie chasing 1 so I went to see where the other one was and saw him at the bottom of a hill crying and bleeding. So I went back to the house. There were cops and ambulances there and they had 1 guy so they asked me where the rest were and I said, "One is up the street and another is on East Hills Drive at the bottom of the hill."

I will never forget the dog who saved my life.

P.S Aggie was my best friend and I was devastated when she died.

By: Brandon

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