by Nyssa from Jakarta

A really good friend shows me how to grow by good example...and if there's one friend's exellence I can "model" with confidence, it's "Anne Ahira's."
Ahira's photo (
Ahira's photo (

I have a hero. She is one of the youngest and smartest of all the internet marketers. I'm sure if you are usually on-line or use internet to browse and do your job, you must know about her. Anne Ahira is a global icon now. A child prodigy of sorts in her own right. Don't be fooled by her age. She is a young lady of phenomenal talents. Believe me, her age belies her knowledge. Now, I want to tell you something about her that makes me like her so much.

My hero's full name's Anne Ahira, but I usually call her Ahira. She is my mother's friend. I know her from my mother. My mother told me a lot about her. I don't know much about her, but when my mother told me about her, I liked her. Just as simple as that. Hehehhe. Ahira was born in small village in Bandung, Indonesia. I don't know how old is she, but she told me that she was 24 years old last year. So maybe she's 25 years old. She is so young, don't you agree with me? She came to my home to have chat with my mom last year, so I know her too.

She is so kind, smart and naughty too. She was a funny person, and she also has a cute face. She told me that when she was a kid, many people called her "baby brat" because she was a cute sweet innocent face and also naughty too. Hehehe. Can you imagine that when she entered her first grade when she was much younger than another kids? But if you saw her at that time, you wouldn't think like that. Why? Because what she brought to school was her toys and her pets. It's so funny right? But, she always got respect at that time. Wow, she's so cool right? Maybe she was the youngest, but she was always at the head of her class. So she was given many scholarships to attend university. She was graduated in less than 3 years, but also the best of 832 students at her university. Wow. She must be so smart.

She also told me that she never thought about being an internet marketer like her job now. She had a dream to be a supergirl who could fly over buildings and do many heroic deeds. At that time, she believed that she could fly if she practiced a lot. I'm sure nobody would ever think that about her if she didn't tell them. She told me that one day, she read an article about a successful job from the internet. She was very interested and want to do that, so she started at online business in the end of 2001. She was a "newbie" when she started the business. At the first time, she was so stressed that she couldn't do anything to catch her dream. All of her family, her friends laughed at her. No one cared about her. No one wanted to help her to accomplish her new dreams. They just laughed at her and didn't support her at all. They also said that she would not find anything, she would even lose everything she had. But, Ahira didn't hear what they said. She just kept searching and searching. Hoping to find the right information and tools to help her to be successful in an online business. After a lot of tears, hard work, money, and much more, she found that she could do it. She did a lot of trial and error, but she never stopped. And now we can see that her dreams came true. Now she is a full time internet marketer and she can make a lot more money in a few month than many people. She can get everything she wants because she wanted to work hard and pray.

For me, Ahira is my hero. She has been a very honest person and dedicated person. She's has an honest warmth for many people. She puts her soul into everything she does. Her intelligence becomes apparent quite quickly when we speak or chat with her. She is an impressive person. No matter how people talk about her. Maybe she's naughty and could make people mad to her, but I'm sure that she is a kind person. She is also smart and caring to all of her friends even if she's just met them. She has a lot of independence and confidence that made her what she is now. She has been working feverishly. If she didn't have confidence and didn't want to work hard, she couldn't have changed anything. But, now we can see that if you believe in something, no matter what people say, just do it with all of your heart, and don't forget to pray. Everything we do will be better than before.

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