Eddie Ryan Aikau

by KaWoHiKuKaPuLaNi PeLeKaI

"Eddie Would Go!"
Eddie Ryan Aikau (https://images.google.com/images?q=eddie+aikau&hl=en&lr=&start=20&sa=N)
Eddie Ryan Aikau (https://images.google.com/images?q=eddie+aikau&hl=en&lr=&start=20&sa=N)

Many people who live in Hawaii will recognize the quote above because it appears on many bumper stickers and t-shirts. It sounds like a catchy phrase but the question that one wonders is: "Who is Eddie?" This caption was inspired by the famous Hawaiian surfer and lifeguard Eddie Ryan Aikau. Eddie was born on May 4, 1946 in Kahului, Maui. He was the third of six children, Fredrick, Myra, Edward, Gerald, Solomon III, and Clyde. His parents were Solomon and Henrietta. Eddie was small like his father and quiet like his mother. Eddie was obsessed with watersports and music. Eddie was the first in his family to start surfing and playing guitar. The others followed his lead. Eddie was the darkest of all of them; sometimes his brother would call him popolo (meaning "black" in Hawaiian). Eddie attended St. Anthony’s Catholic School along with his siblings. Eddie and his brothers learned how to surf from their father.

Eddie would spend as much time in the ocean, swimming, diving, and exploring the world below the surface. Eddie’s idol was Duke Kahanamoku who was another famous Hawaiian surfer who was also an Olympic swimmer. Eddie's wife was Linda Crosswhite. They got married on a Wednesday in the year 1972. The Aikau's moved to Oahu because of their father’s job. The first year in Oahu was very rough for them. Finding a home to live in proved difficult. Early in 1967, Eddie surfed a 15th foot wave at Sunset Beach on the island of O'ahu. He also rode a 40 foot set. He was courageous to try to save people, put people before himself, and to surf any wave no matter how big.

My Hero lives in Heaven. Because he passed away on March 17, 1978. Eddie died from trying to save the people on the Hokule`a. The Hokule`a was out at sea at a very bad time. So Eddie surfed out to go and help them and he never made it back to shore.

In the time that Eddie was alive he was a part of a group called Hawaiian Renaissance. He was in the group along with his fellow friends and family. The meaning of this group was to revive the Hawaiian culture.

Eddie Aikau sacrificed his life when he went to go rescue the people on the Hokulea. He also had courage when he surfed a 40 foot set wave. And he was very altruistic because he put others before himself to make sure that they were safe. I've really learned alot about Eddie Ryan Aikau just by doing some research on him. He is truly an inspiring man, his courage and bravery are only a couple of his admirable qualities to Hawaii (Hawaiians).

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