by Ararat from Nashville

My hero is my brother Ako

My hero is my brother Ako. The reason he is my hero is because he is very helpful and tells me what's right and what's wrong. Some people may think he is a bad person because of his past, but he is a very good person deep down inside. He has a bad past, but now that we are in the present we have to learn that we can't change the past. He has changed so much, and he also gives me the lectures I need to be successful in life. And you can't judge someone until you actually meet them.

My brother is in jail right now, and he has been in jail for over eight months. Over these eight months he has became so much more religious. The reason people think he is bad is because he is in jail, but they don't really know him personally. And like they say you can't judge a book by its cover, can be the same phrase I would use for my brother. He is very intelligent and very smart; when he was in high school all four of his years he was top five in the school. He also writes poems on his spare time in jail and one of his phrases is "I RATHER BE HATED FOR WHO I AM THAN LOVED FOR WHO I'M NOT". That's why my brother is my hero.

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