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A hero is a person who has integrity and is someone who is respectful, kind, brave, and fearless. There are many more traits a hero has, but not every hero is the same and are not fit for the same heroic actions. There are even people that may not see themselves as heroes but deep down they are. My hero is an unlikely hero. Most people wouldn't see him as a much of a hero; he would be looked at as a celebrity that is just famous for making music.



The hero I am about to describe is one that has changed many lives. He starts off a little rough around the edges but after some time he blossoms into a great person. My hero's name is Akon; he is a musical artist that was born in St.Louis, Missouri. He then moved to Senegal, Africa. When he was seven his family moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. He then discovered rap and hip-hop music. He had a little trouble getting along with some local kids. He attended Snyder High School and went against all the school rules. He was caught and kicked out of school for selling gun bullets and test keys for any and all upcoming test at that high school. He later attended Bayonne High School. He hung out with a group of kids which made him popular because of his willingness to fight anyone and he got locked up later for armed robbery and drug distribution. Then he was sent to jail.



While he was in jail he started to write music that matched his emotions. When freed he made some tracks which marked the beginning of his music career. His first album was called "Trouble" in which one of his best songs called "locked up" blasted off his career. A music company helped release it to the world, and he just became a star. That then allowed him to start working with very famous musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Gwen Stefani and many more. Akon made many fans and then around 2008 he lost popularity with his music and people just didn't listen to him anymore. He then started writing songs for other artists and lent his vocals for some songs. Because of his troubled past, most people today don't think much of him. What people don't know is that he has given millions of his own money to providing electricity to 600,000,000 Africans. That helps in so many ways, it helps businesses, schools, roads, and families.



The reason I chose Akon is because he has totally changed his life around from a world of violence to a kind hearted man. He cares about giving back and doing something that can change lives forever. He is someone others whom others would say is a lost cause and would check him off as someone who would never amount to anything. Yet he is helping millions with his own money. He has done a complete turn around in his life, it is just wonderful to see him doing positive things for the world. This is why I chose him as my hero.


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