Al Henry

by Brianna from Frankston

My Pop (Family Keepsakes)
My Pop (Family Keepsakes)

My hero is Al Henry (my great grandfather) because he made a difference to other peoples lives by going in World War 2. He survived the war but died a few days after my christening. He lived in Melbourne but now in heaven. He listened to what ever you wanted to say and tried to help any way he could. He was kind loyal and loving. His nick name was “Hook” but only to his good friends. He loved to make stories up about his child life or the war they usually were about funny things that happened to him.

I think he is a hero because he fought for Australia’s freedom. He helped people and was loyal to every one. When he got older he sat in his chair and watched his great grand children growing up. He made a difference to my grammas and my dad’s life because they looked up to him and wanted to be exact like him. My dad says he was a man with integrity, someone who he wanted to be like.

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