by Tomàs from Buenos Aires

Today I will describe my father, Alan, as my personal hero. I chose him because of his acts of perseverance and courage. I saw him, myself, on his acts of both bravery and courage he has done. I am very proud of him.

My dad was very courageous on the moment he saved me. I was four years old and I believed myself capable of swimming in the deep part of the sea. I wasn’t. The big waves kept pushing me downwards. Luckily, he got me out.

My dad is very important for me because he is the reason why I am here, now, writing this. He made me live. He was very courageous because he saw me struggling to get out of the water and, instead of worrying his head off; he took off his shirt and plunged in after me. He didn’t mind the dangers. He just took the risks to save me. We both survived the big waves, and I am still very proud of him.

I can easily compare him to Aragorn from “The Lord of the Rings” because he dared to take risks to save the people he loved. He acted bravely. This perseverance was beyond compare. He would never give up.

My dad, Alan, has done both acts of courage and perseverance. He is a real hero on the spot. He saved my life. I hope I can do the same for someone else.

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