by Alan from Buenos Aires

To begin with, I want to remark my personal's hero's courage and his generosity, because if he didn't have these traits, he will not be in this piece of writing today. My hero is my dad, and he is my personal hero.

My hero is my dad and his name is Alan. He lives with my mom, my sister and with me. He is very important for me because he is very generous, that's why I come to this school and I have a good life. My dad is very hardworking and he always helps me when I have a problem. He is very helpful and intelligent, he is very patient and he is a good swimmer.

Once, when we were on holidays in Brazil, we were on the beach. My dad decided to go surfing. As the sea was rough, the waves were huge, my sister and I were really afraid so we decided to build a sand-castle. When we were about to finish it, we saw that some persons were making a circle and were clapping, so the three of us (my mom, my sister and I) went to see what had happened. When we arrived to the shore, we saw that a body was lying in the middle of it. There we met my dad, and my little sister asked what had happened. He told us that while he was surfing, he saw a body in the water, he got it, and brought it to shore. He saved that man! Dad was really exhausted, the body was full of water and it was very heavy, so coming to shore was very difficult, too.

If I have to compare my dad with a hero, I would choose Neil Armstrong because of his courage and determination. Neil Armstrong was very brave to go to space, and my dad was very brave while saving this man who was drowning. If I had to save this man, I couldn't. It was very difficult and it required courage and determination.

To conclude, I want to mention that my dad IS my personal hero, I will never forget what dad did for this man and his bravery and determination.

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