Alana D. Collette

by Ashley from Fiskdale

A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

My hero, Alana Collette, my mother, was born in Worcester, Mass. on May 8th, 1971. She lived with her parents and 10 brothers and sisters. Growing up with so many siblings she didn't get so much attention, but she never was alone. She always had someone to talk to.

Alana started off working at McDonald's and now is an assistant supervisor at Rehabilitated Resources Incorporated (RRI).

She has lived in Worcester for 7 years, in Southbridge for one year, and now in Brookfield for 24 years. That is where she met Darren Collette, and today they are happily married. She graduated from Tantasqua High School in 1989. Soon after she had a daughter named Ashley, which is me, and then four years later she had another daughter named Morgan.

My mother raised me from a weak baby to a strong and healthy young lady. She was always by my side throughout the good and the bad times. She never let me down. When she was young she gave up her dream of being a nurse to be with her husband and have kids, and she has regretted it ever since. Each and every day she wonders how her life would have been if she didn't give it up. Now she is watching out for me making sure I don't make mistakes that I will sooner or later regret. She doesn't want me wondering each and every day about my life.

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Collette, Alana. "Mother. "