Albert Einstein

by Matthew from Fredericksburg

"The essential in the existence of a man like me is what he thinks and how he thinks, not what he does or suffers." – Albert Einstein

What makes up a hero? Is it their pure determined will? Is it their humane actions and thoughts for others? Is it simply their actions that define them? All of these things are crucial when thinking of a hero. My hero is Albert Einstein. Throughout his life he displayed many heroic traits and showed the world that he was serious in his endeavors. At an early age he had an unquenchable passion for mathematics and physics. At the extremely early age of 26 he wrote 5 science breaking papers. He only became more influential from then onward. He was not only known for his intelligence, but the people who knew him understood what a wonderful personality he had. He was not only a hero to everyone who knew him, but he was a hero to the world, changing the way every one of us lives.

<a href=>Albert Einstein in his later years.</a>
Albert Einstein in his later years.

He was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th, 1879. It’s a little known fact that Albert Einstein did not have a middle name. Albert Einstein grew up in a small family and attended school at Luitpold Gymnasium. However, as he grew older his family moved to Italy. From here he decided to continue his education in Aarau, Switzerland. As 1896 came by he enrolled in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich. Even at this age he was thinking of his entire future and wished to become a teacher of physics and mathematics. He graduated in 1901 and received his Swiss citizenship as well. However, Einstein was not able to find a teaching post, so he found a job working at a patent office. In 1905 he received his doctor’s degree.

<a href=>Einstein's most famous theorem</a>
Einstein's most famous theorem

At the patent office Einstein produced some of his most astounding works. One of his most well known works was produced at this time. This work was known as “The Theory of Relativity”. His first theory was called the special theory of relativity. This theory stated that space and time were not two separate entities, as thought before. Einstein understood that space and time were intertwined. After producing this and other works, Einstein became famous worldwide. In 1913 He was invited to teach at the Prussian Academy of sciences. He accepted and became a German citizen again. For years he worked on his theories and sciences and won the Nobel Peace prize for Physics in 1921. However, in 1934 the Nazi Government possessed his land and renounced his German citizenship. This had Einstein make up his mind to go teach at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He remained here until his death in 1955.

Albert Einstein was not only a hero for his fortitude and will to improve, but his entire mindset was set on perseverance and the advancement of science. His theories have changed the way we live and the way we will live. However, one more work of his still has yet to be said. This may be considered one of the most power things he had part in. This singular piece was known as “The Manhattan Project”. This project was to eventually produce the Atomic bomb. Albert Einstein knew the ramification of this project. However, he had the courage to protect the country he lived in.

As the looming Nazi threat became clearer in August of 1939 Einstein and several other scientists decided to ask the president for help. On August 2nd, 1939 They wrote a letter to the president detailing how the Nazis were suspected of attempting to build an Atomic bomb. Einstein’s agreement and involvement with this was vital to its success. Without his contribution the letter would have most likely been seen as less important. After the letter was sent a project became underway that was known only as “The Manhattan Project”. This project created the first atomic bomb and it was successfully tested in the Jemes Mountains of New Mexico. The heat of the blast was so intense that the area of detonation was instantly turned into radioactive glass. The same year of the test an atomic bomb was dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There was widespread death and ruin from these massive weapons of destruction.

Albert Einstein believed in a world of science, a world where all the answers were already laid out before you. Apart from being a genius, Albert Einstein was known for his unrelenting spirit. Until the day he died Albert Einstein attempted to explain gravitation, electromagnetism, and subatomic phenomena in one set of laws. Even after all of his colleagues had given up hope of ever finding an answer to his hypothesis, Einstein never surrendered. He worked on producing a theorem for over 25 years. He worked on it until he died of heart failure on April 18th, 1955.

Albert Einstein, one of the smartest people the planet has ever known, will be remembered forever not only for his mathematical brilliance, but he shall be known as a

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