Albert Sigala

by Cherrisse from Denver

A hero, many people think that they are people that can fly and climb walls but a hero is nothing like that. A hero is not just a word but a person, a person that does what he or she can possibly do. A hero has special qualities like lending helping hands, caring for everyone, telling stories and adventures while teaching us everything he knows.

My Hero Albert Sigala, who is also my grandfather, is a wonderful person. He was born and raised here in Denver, Colorado, but often moved all over the U.S. My grandpa's first language was Spanish, then he learned English when he got his first job. He later married my grandmother and had 8 children, 16 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. After moving back to Denver where he still lives, my grandpa tells us everything about life. He tell us to be careful, have fun and do what you can for people in need. When we are in need he is the first to be there. If we need to talk to him he has open ears. If some of his good friends come over and need help with anything he will be there. He is always good at helping people especially his family and friends.

Every year around summer time my family goes camping. My grandpa is the first one to be there and the last one to leave. As soon as everyone gets there we go "exploring". My grandpa tells us everything. We can learn so much in just a matter of hours. Then after we get done "exploring" and it gets dark we sit around the camp fire and my grandpa tell us stories about his life and how life use to be when he was growing up. To me that is what a hero is suppose to do. He is teaching me and everyone anything and everything about the mountains.

A hero on the spot to me is a hero that has done something extraordinary and became a hero instantly. To me a survivor hero is someone that was in war, the Death March or the Holocaust. All these people are heroes because they had enough courage and strength to live throughout the dangers of other people the way they think. My hero became a hero instantly to me because he was always there for me when I needed him. He never lets me down. I know I can trust him with everything I do. I thank him for helping me, teaching me and always being there.

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