by Jen from Texas

Albert was born in a small ranch home. He has two parents who were amazing musicians as well. They sent him to Musical & Arts School at only age 6. At the time he played the Piccolo, (a form of a trumpet) the piano, the saxophone and the flute. This was very incredible at the time for such a young student like himself. He was at the Musical & Arts School for 4 years until they sent him to an Honor's School. His parents rarely saw him (only on weekends) and were very lonely without his presence. So, they then decided to take Albert and move to Dallas, Texas at age 10. He switched to the Honor's Musical School for Young Boys and was there for another 3 years. That's when he became famous.

At age 13 Albert was introduced to some very famous orchestras, as well as jazz bands. I was not permitted to say their names, but Albert was very pleased with them. He was asked to join one of the orchestras on a 5-City Tour. Albert enthusiastically accepted and his parents were allowed to come along as well.

When Albert returned from the trip he was immediately connected with a very famous recording studio. (Its name will remain unidentified) He had his first album released in 2000 (only in New Zealand and Puerto Rico) but it did not get that many buyers. Albert decided to stay humble and keep his work to himself after that experience. He continued to play with famous bands & orchestras, but he gave up his piano playing at age 15. Albert still remains humble today.

Albert is a hero because, as his sister, he has shown me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Albert has been inspiring and helpful. Although he is still continuing his humble work today, he is an amazing brother and I love him very much. Albert is also a hero because at age 3 he was diagnosed with a case of ADD, but somehow at age 5 it went away. That proves that even people with disabilities can do anything when they put their mind to it.

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