Alberto Garcia Castillo

by Pablo from Tampico

A grandpa is like a medicine, you will always need him when you feel bad.

My grandpa is a person that will always support the person he loves. He has a strong character even though he is always happy with the people he loves. I appreciate my grandpa a lot. In this letter; I will tell you why he is my hero. My brother and I have special feelings for him because he has done a lot of things for us.

My grandpa was born in August 1 1921. He is 84 years old now. He is very tall and very strong. He is kind of sick now because he smoked for about 30 years, so he can’t walk easily, and he is always tired. He has a very strong character. He is always angry with my grandma because she does not cook the food he wants, even though he still loves her. My grandpa is my best hero, let me tell you why. In his life he has done wonderful things like my mother.... and my uncles. He has been married for about 60 years with my grandma, and they are still in love. In December, 2005 they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, it was a small party because they wished it to be like that. When he was young he used to work for the government. He worked for about 30 years or more.

When he was young he was a compulsive smoker but with the years he overcame that. Now he regrets having smoked for so many years. He is the best man I have ever known. When I was smaller he used to buy a lot of strange things that I used to play with. He knows some magic tricks and he tries to teach me how to do them, but I never learn.

That’s why I love him so much. He is my best friend. He has always supported me in all things I have done. I used to stay with him when a was younger after school, waiting for my mom, to come back from her job, so part of my life I lived with him, and I started appreciating him a lot, more than other person can do. I really love him, so much and I wish him to live more years with me and my family.

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