Alberto De la o

by Nicolas from Fresno

My hero is Alberto De la O. He was born in Jalisco, Mexico. He is the second oldest child out of four brothers and one sister. In 1968 he came to the United States and stayed in Los Angeles for 25 years. He then moved to Fresno in 1993. Alberto came with his wife, his 2 daughters and his son. All his life Alberto has been a gardener.

He helped his family by providing housing. Like when we first moved here to Fresno he let us stay at his house until we found a place to stay. Alberto also helped his family by loaning money if he had it. My uncle helped me by taking care of me and giving me advice for whatever I had a problem with. My uncle did much more for others than for himself. He is a respected by his brothers and others close to him.

My hero lives in Fresno California.

My uncle is important to me because without him my family and I probably wouldn't be where we are at right now. We probably still would have been in Los Angeles. He's also important to me because he's my godfather. He was always there for me when my parents couldn't be there.

My uncle encouraged me to do good in life. he taught me a lot like how to support my family, like how he supported his. Also taught me from right and wrong. Like if someone told me to do something and I didn't feel comfortable doing it, I would say no.

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