by Martin from Buenos Aires

I chose my grandfather Alberto as an example for my adulthood because he was an actor and is now a politician and very humorous, courageous and perseverant man.

He was born in Argentina in a place full of traditions, dances and music plays. He met my grandmother, an actress and a tango singer who he married with and had my mother. When my mother was small, he was asked to leave the country by force because he was not agreeing with the military dictatorship.

One morning, he was walking in the streets with my pregnant mother by the hand when in one corner of the block, a military truck appeared with machine guns pointing at my mother out of the windows. My grandfather pushed her behind a flowerpot and stood in front of it to protect her. Finally, the truck passed by and no one got hurt because of him. My mother still thanks him for what he did and so do I because maybe if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be alive.

I would compare him with a survival hero because he saved my mother and was about to be shot and killed by soldiers. He survived from that and he still fought against the military dictatorship as much as most of his friends did when some were kidnapped, some came back and some never did. That was a time when it was dangerous to be alone at home or with someone because you could be kidnapped and tortured only to say where someone lived. Many heroes came up from those times and some very well known survivors.

To conclude, I would like to thank him for saving my mother from those soldiers and for being so brave and courageous and for having that will to put his life in danger to save his only daughter from being killed.

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