by Alberto A. from Dorchester

My Hero

My dad has always been my hero. As I grew up he would always correct me on my bad decisions. He would always help me with my problems. Although I have more brothers and sisters he has never left any of us behind. Sometimes he would have his own problems but he would not take it out on me.

My dad always corrected me when I said a bad word. He would also help me do things all over again, and explain to me as many times as I needed. When my brothers and I got into to discussions, my dad would not choose sides. He would just treat us equal, although one of us was right. He would always try to spend time with his family. I remember that he once got out of work early and he spent time with us making a tree house.

As I was growing up my dad was doing too, but that didn’t stop him from being my hero because he is still helping me out, and with even bigger problems. He has always tried to make my life easier. And I say this because now that I am older he has taken me to get my license, he has bought me a car, and all his asking in return is that I love him.

Although I know my dad is getting older, he would always be my hero. And all I can say is that I thank him for everything he has done and is still doing. And I hope I would be his hero one day, because I am willing to pay him everything he has done for me.

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